WIFI Internet access: 5h for free

Get a free 5-hour ticket! Display your gift code at the Tourist Office of Oz-en-Oisans.

About : WIFI Internet access: 5h for free

People staying in Oz-en-Oisans can benefit from a 5-hour WIFI ticket offered by the Tourist Office. Each connection card is consumable in several sessions and on several non-simultaneous terminals. This access is valid in the areas equipped and covered by "INTERNET ICI OZ EN OISANS".
WiFi coupon has to be collected at the reception of the Office on the basis of a coupon per family and per week

Additional information:
For a more detailed offer, different paid wifi subscriptions are available, purchase online directly.

"INTERNET-ICI" WIFI service, covering around 75% of the resort's accommodation.

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All year round.

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