Yves SAINT PIERRE – an artisan baker in Besse en Oisans – produces traditional hand-kneaded bread called “La Tourte de Besse”. He is one of the last villagers to carry on this tradition and one of the rare bakers still working without any mechanization.
La Tourte de Besse – Baker
La Tourte de Besse – Baker (1)
La Tourte de Besse – Baker (2)
La Tourte de Besse – Baker (3)
La Tourte de Besse – Baker (4)

Description: La Tourte de Besse - Baker

Besse en Oisans is a small village with around 100 inhabitants perched at an altitude of 1500 m. “La Tourte de Besse” is one of the rare mountain bakeries still working without any mechanisation to scrupulously follow traditional breadmaking methods and using special mountain flour.

Products :
“La Tourte de Besse”, Traditional hand-kneaded Ferrand Valley bread
Wheat flour biquets, rye and wheat flour biquets
100% rye, granary and wholemeal

At the bakery.
Market stalls:
- Vizille:Tuesday mornings.
- Gières: Wednesday mornings
- La Grave: Thursday mornings (July > August)
- Bourg d’Oisans: Saturday mornings

Opening periods

From 01/07 to 31/08, daily between 9.30 am and 7.30 pm.

From 01/09 to 30/06, every Monday and Friday between 10.30 am and 7 pm.


Access: at the exit of the village, above the car park.

La Tourte de Besse – Baker