These are 22 volunteer firefighters with the 2 doctors of La Grave who are part of the rescue center controlled by Mr. Gregory Pic, patrol leader.
Fire department

Description: Fire department

List of the Fire Department Crew:

Corporal ALBERT Fabienne
BOUILLET Gaelle Firefighter 1 class
Cyril FAURE Firefighter 1 class
FAURE Clement Firefighter 2nd class
FAUST Alain Sergeant
FAUST Lucas Firefighter 2nd class
FAUST Quentin Firefighter 2nd class
FEGE Corporal Jean-Paul
FEGE Marlene Nurse
Corporal Yves FEGE
FEGE Fabien Sergeant
GERMANAZ Rachelle Firefighter 1 class
JACOB Boris Sergeant
MERCAN Aline Doctor Captain
PIC Céline Master Corporal
PIC Chief Warrant Officer Gregory
PIC Captain Jean-Pierre
PIC Pascal MCpl
PIC Corporal Pierre-Louis
PIC Sergeant Bertrand
REY Elisabeth Doctor Captain
Master Corporal Jeremy SIONNET
SIONNET Julie Firefighter 1 class
SIONNET Julien Firefighter 1 class
SIONNET Gaëlle Sergeant
VANNARD Pierre Firefighter 2nd class

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Fire department
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