Libérés, délivrés, venez respirer en paix !

Come to our chalet amongst the mountain pastures! Relax to the sound of cows and sheep, think of your next nap in the sun or a picnic by the lake... Offer your family a back to nature experience in a village that seems to float opposite the mountain summits.

About : Libérés, délivrés, venez respirer en paix !

Offer your family a back to nature experience in a village that seems to float opposite the mountain summits. Come and feel the life force of nature and breathe in the invigorating air...


A cottage that promises fine weather for the next day. What a promising name!
On the "Route des Alpages", you will find your haven of peace: an apartment with a view of the summits and cosy beds. It is perfect for large families, as cousins can rent one of the 5 apartments and join you at the chalet's wellness area, featuring a heated swimming pool and sauna.
The jacuzzi is outside, with bubbles to relieve you of all your tensions, whilst you listen to the sound of birds.

Knock on the door of the goat farm.
The goats seen in the distance from the chalet balcony do not only offer a scenic view, but also give a rich milk that Clément turns into tasty cheeses. You can come and meet him and his herd; he will tell you about his daily life, producing cheese in the mountains with such long winters, the hilly terrain and difficulties with predation.

A mirror in the middle of the mountain pastures.
The day after a long hike, relax with a walk a stone's throw from the chalet, to the small Lac du Langaret. A great picnic spot! While the children are teasing the newts, you can perfect your tan and read a book, if you manage to take your eyes off the summits. The view is hypnotic...

A creative experience.
Knead and shape clay and explore its different colours. This creative and sensory experience takes place under the benevolent gaze of Françoise. She will so you her delicate approach to this material. "Free yourself, you are here to try".

Take an aquatic trip to the watersports centre.
A few bends away from the chalet, Le Verney watersports centre is a paradise for your kids. Pedal boat trips, a frantic paddle race and to finish the day in style, a visit to the intriguing world of hydroelectricity at the EDF Hydrelec museum.
At the end of the lake, after a stroll along its shores, cross over the swing footbridge and explore the history of how water became electricity.

Recharge your batteries on the trail-running paths.
And because grown-ups also have the right to a moment for themselves, Villard-Reculas is a trail station. Trail running is an outdoor sport that everyone can try, accompanied by Fabrice. A session involves exploring the trail paths, flying over rocks downhill and managing your energy levels. The benefits and sensations of trail running in the great outdoors will soon get other people enthusiatic! There's nothing quite like it to push back the boundaries and recharge your batteries.

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  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi®
  • Car park
  • Spa



  • Pedestrian sports
  • Hiking
  • Trail
  • Well-being
  • Number of days: 8


  • 4 personne(s) maximum


From 01/07 to 31/08/2021.