L’appel des alpages, une échappée sauvage

"You don't find many villages like this anymore."
Its unique architecture makes this village a unique place. Nestled in the heart of the village, "Escale en Oisans" is your base camp - a house opening wide onto the mountain pastures.

About : L’appel des alpages, une échappée sauvage

You will find our "Escale en Oisans", right at the end of a narrow, cobbled alleyway - a typical Besse house in a green setting. The rooms are
spacious and tastefully furnished, opening onto a balcony, where you can enjoy reading a book in the deckchair, lulled by the sound of the cow bells. Marie-
Thérèse is always attentive to her guests; she loves her region and this is apparent in her cooking, which features home-made charcuterie and vegetables from the garden for delicious home-made meals.

During your stay:

-Visit Besse-en-Oisans and go back in time, with its paved streets and picturesque houses...To soak up the atmosphere of this village full of character, wander around and follow whatever catches your eye. The physiognomy of the
village has changed little in 100 years and a guided tour is a must!
Push open the door of the village's artisanal bakery. Yves, the artisan
baker, hand kneads traditional bread called the Tourte de Besse. He is
one of the last "Bessats" to perpetuate the tradition and one of the few bakers
to work without mechanization. This is consistent bread that the locals' ancestors kept all winter long.

-There are some walks you never forget and the tour of the lakes of the Emparis Plateau on horseback is one of them. Crossing one of the most
extensive mountain pastures in Europe, the ocean of flowers is quite breathtaking, as are the flocks of sheep being taken up to the high pastures for summer, the peat bogs and petrifying springs.
All this at an altitude of 2000 m, opposite the Meije glaciers.

-An opportunity to get close to the flocks and herds in the mountain pastures. The history of pastoralism can be explored in an exhibition, as told by the shepherds themselves. The Maison des Alpages is a close-up look at the pastoral life of yesterday and today, together with the village, with its rugged nature and long winters. Meeting the animals and seeing the work of the shepherds will be genuinely authentic experience, during which you can share their experiences while discussing the changing nature of their work.

- Seeking out wild plants to eat. Smell, touch and observe... Caroline, an ethnoabotanist, offers a genuine sensory experience. As you walk along the paths, you can pick nettles with numerous nutritional virtues without
being stung and learn to tell the difference between fir and spruce trees thanks to their tangerine smell. Learn basic botany in order to have a different experience of surrounding nature.


Every day subject to prior booking, the Zou line: Grenoble-Briancon or Briancon - Grenoble will get you to the Barrage du Chambon dam from Grenoble train station. We will then pick you up at the dam.

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  • Number of days: 8


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From 01/07 to 31/08/2021.


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