“Everything, everything, everything for the family”

Charming little mountain hamlet, 3km from the village of Vaujany, a family resort with many leisure activities, Pourchery is home to the large guest house which will be the nest of your stay.

About : “Everything, everything, everything for the family”

"SOLNEIGE" CHALET ****: The Solneige chalet is one of those who, since the beginnings of the resort, have perpetuated the tradition of hospitality dear to mountain people. Thérèse and Pieter integrated easily into the life of the village thanks to their kindness and the benevolence with which they renovated an old traditional farmhouse with taste. Over the years, they have never ceased to refine the comfort of the rooms, including a suite for 4 people, and to enhance the magical setting of the chalet, with southern exposure and a clear view of Lake Verney. From the pretty vaulted room for chatting by the fireside to moments of relaxation in the jacuzzi, opportunities to meet up with girls will be privileged! As for meals, between the hearty breakfasts, the "afternoon tea" with tea and homemade cakes and the delicious dinners tinged with international cuisine, you will be delighted by the taste buds!

During your stay:
- In the skin of a mini-musher. Does your child feel like a musher? So give him an unforgettable moment: half a day to learn to drive his own sled on a safe course. In a fun area, with a special sled and dogs chosen for their softness, children will learn to lead a team under the moved eyes of parents. The bond with the animal is the engine of the activity, and these are the huskies, adopted by Barbara
and Erwin after an abandonment, which tame the little ones ... And don't worry, the adults will not find the time long, caught by the charm of the pack.

- Bocce on ice. Curling, késako? The aficionados of the Olympic Games will certainly have already seen images of this discipline often called: pétanque du grand nord. A sport of precision and strategy, curling is played in teams of 4, with the aim of placing its granite stone as close as possible to a target drawn on the ice: the house. Divide your group into 2 teams and, in turn, you will try your hand at the role of "pitcher", then "sweeper", never forgetting that the main thing is to participate!

- And the animals that do not hibernate, what do they do? Certainly the marmot hibernates, but the chamois do not desert the mountain in winter. On the contrary, they descend to the edge of forests to find their food and therefore approach us. The Espace Musée de Vaujany organizer has no equal when it comes to flushing them out on the slopes of the Aiguillettes. That's why he will meet you at Le Collet with binoculars and telescope to observe chamois, deer or any other species that brave winter. They are very fragile this season and their survival is often very low, so learn the tips of the chamois to wait until spring.

- Snowshoe outing at dusk. When the sun goes down at the end of the day, the sky seems to catch fire. The most beautiful sunsets in the mountains are winter that brings them to you. The moment to leave the top of the Montfrais cable car with your guide on snowshoes to go up a section of the track before venturing into the forest ... The colors of dusk seep through the branches for a magical play of light. The tops
come alive with orange-red, the little-frequented valley hides snow that is often powdery and, with a little luck, a chamois will pass by ...

- Walk Vaujany from beacon to beacon. Orienteering is something for everyone, regardless of the age of the different generations! By following the “fauna and flora” or “heritage” route, adult version or child version, the whole family will learn a lot about Vaujany and its environment. And you will see the themes are very varied: the life of yesteryear, the school, the washhouses, the exploitation of copper ore, the life of the mountain pastures, hydroelectricity or
flora and fauna with the mountain hare, the marmot, the ibex ... So bring the menu, a warm hat and let's go!% sweetness ...

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From 12/12 to 19/12/2021.

From 20/12 to 26/12/2021.

From 27/12/2021 to 02/01/2022.

From 08/01 to 12/02/2022.

From 13/02 to 19/03/2022.

From 26/03 to 09/04/2022.

From 10/04 to 23/04/2022.


From 12/12 to 19/12/2021
Adult: 695 €.

From 20/12 to 26/12/2021
Adult: 780 €.

From 27/12/2021 to 02/01/2022
Adult: 925 €.

From 08/01 to 12/02/2022
Adult: 695 €.

From 13/02 to 19/03/2022
Adult: 925 €.

From 26/03 to 09/04/2022
Adult: 780 €.

From 10/04 to 23/04/2022
Adult: 695 €.

Group rate available for > 4 people.