From 23 to 28 January 2022

The Vénéon mountain stream carries the energy from the glaciers throughout the whole valley. This whole place is an invitation to meditate and practice Tai Chi. It was right here that the very first mountaineers ventured into the mountains, and today, it is Caroline who explores the sheer strength of the natural elements. Can you feel this need for silence, far from our demanding modern world? Just embrace this peaceful environment and experience the joys of creativity through calligraphy.

Your accommodation, Lauvitel lodge

Lauvitel Lodge is in a charming hamlet, far from the crowded tourist destinations. Here, you’ll feel the soothing benefits of winter and your body and mind will ease into a state of utter relaxation. The muffled silence of the snow-covered landscapes makes for the ideal setting for wellness activities and meditation. Le Stillpoint is an outdoor and indoor space that is devoted to connecting with nature, and allows visitors to benefit from the lodge’s calming garden, even in the middle of winter. For many months after your stay here, you’ll still feel the warmth from the crackling fire, the simple comfort of the mountain holiday gite and the kindness shown by Caroline.

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Lauvitel Lodge

Your holiday


In the cold morning air, the day begins with a session of mediation through movement in the vast, snow-covered garden. Then you’ll be able to warm up in front of the fireplace. After beginning your day with mindful intention, your calm body will welcome a healthy breakfast. Then it will be time for your Tai Chi session, to focus on your balance and Yin-Yang energy. Your guide will lead you into spiritual exploration.

Zen calligraphy

With your brush in hand, get creative as you lose yourself in this subtle art using only ink and paper. Japanese calligraphy has been very much influenced by Zen thought. Jos, a qualified teacher, makes sure to combine controlled breathing and the pleasure of drawing. Every black mark on the white paper reflects your creativity, that is why in Zen calligraphy you have to clear your mind and just let the letters flow.

Explore the concept of visualisation…

This holiday is all about taking time away from your daily routine, recharging your batteries and considering how we would really like to live our lives. An opportunity to explore the notion of visualisation, the mental ability to embody situations or emotions. You will be guided, to imagine yourself in pleasant situations, to picture your life in the future, rid yourself of stress and fill yourself with positive vibes. The goal is to be able to approach life with confidence and in a much more relaxed manner.

Wild getaway in the snow

As soon as you arrive, you’ll be impatient to get out and explore the wild environment around the lodge. The good news is that that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, and hiking is a great complementary activity to meditation because it’s much easier to clear your mind while you’re walking. The magic of the snow-covered scenery helps you achieve a sense of mindfulness and really embrace your surroundings. In the traditional hamlet of La Danchère, at the entrance to Ecrins National Park, you will be plunged into the perfect atmosphere to just live for the moment.


Holiday possible from 23 to 28 January 2022

‘Wellness’ package deal

  • €650/person
    + €250/person (guided by Caroline and Jos)
  • 6 days /5 nights
  • Full-board accommodation

The price includes

  • 5 nights, full-board
  • Guides Caroline Purkhardt and Jos Hadfield
  • Breaks with coffee and soft drinks
  • Bed linen
  • Bath towels
  • Tourist tax
  • Welcome drink

Our favourite experiences

The guide for this holiday is Caroline Purkhardt (author, doctor of psycho-sociology, transition coach, Tai Chi master and owner of Lauvitel Lodge for the past ten years) and Jos Hadfield (over 25 years experience in the art of Tai Chi and calligraphy teacher since 2008, following on from Sensei Terayama Tanchu).


Lauvitel Lodge – La Danchère – 38520 VENOSC

Le Lauvitel Lodge