The Aiguille Dibona is a 3,131m needle twisting toward the sky in the Massif des Ecrans. Instantly recognisable and easy to access, the exceptional quality of the granite has led mountaineers to create a number of climbing routes, which are among the finest in the Ecrins.
Aiguille Dibona
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Description: Aiguille Dibona

The Aiguille Dibona Is a renowned climb in the Massif des Ecrins, which is highly popular with rock climbers in the summer.
Originally called the Pain du Sucre du Soreiller, it owes its current name to Angelo Dibona, who was the first person to climb the needle, along with Guido Mayer, on 27 June 1913.

The Refuge du Soreiller mountain hut lies at the foot of the needle and can be reached in just 3 hours from the hamlet of Les Etages.
The main climbing routes are:
The traditional, normal route: a short 100 m climb (PD)
The routes on the south (most popular) face:
- Voie des Savoyards;
- Voie Madier;
- Visite obligatoire;
- Voie Boell-Stoefer.
There are fewer climbers on the East and West faces.

The "Firsts":
1913 - First ascension, via the PD North arête, by Angelo Dibona and Guido Mayer on 27 June 1913
1932 - First D route by Jacques Boell and Alain Le Ray
1937 - South face direct by Andéol Madier de Champvermeil and Maurice Fourastier
1939 - East and West faces by Maurice Laloue and Andéol Madier de Champvermeil
1948 - South-west arête by Robert Gabriel and Georges Livanos
1967 - Voie des Savoyards on the South and West faces by Bernard Wyns and Pierre Chapoutout
1968 - Voie des Militaires by Jean-Claude Marnier and Jean-Pierre Peters.


Free access.


Aiguille Dibona
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