Tête de Louis XVI via Col de Corbière

Under the watchful eye of Le Grand Renaud, this royal trail runs over stone ripples and joins up with the Lignarre valley.

About : Tête de Louis XVI via Col de Corbière

Park in the entrance car park below Villard-Reymond and take the forest path below the Chemin De Velzut (1614m), which follows the curve of the Cirque du Grand Renaud.After crossing several hollows, the path begins a winding climb towards the magnificent flowering pastures. The path leads up steeply to Le Grand Riou (1608m), with a plunging view above the wild torrent and its "cauldrons".From Le Grand Riou, descend slightly to the right to cross the torrent. From there, follow the looping ascent, then cross the hollows up to the meadows as far as Col de Corbières (1926m). Here, you follow the signs to Tête de Louis XVI (1980m), and then go up to the right.You can take the same path back down towards the resort of Col d'Ornon.

Welcome: Difficulté = Medium

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180 min

J+ : 398 m

8.35 km


Free of charge

Free of charge.

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Departure : Villard-Reymond.
Arrival : Villard-Reymond.
D526 to La Palud, then the D210 to Villard-Reymond
Parking : Villard-Reymond car park, just before arriving in the village.