The path goes up the mountainside opposite Saint Christophe en Oisans. There are lovely views during the climb and you are rewarded with a little stone mountain hut, overlooking the valley from its lookout point.
Hiking – Hut de l’Alpe du Pin
Hiking – Hut de l’Alpe du Pin (1)
Hiking – Hut de l’Alpe du Pin (2)
Hiking – Hut de l’Alpe du Pin (3)
Hiking – Hut de l’Alpe du Pin (4)

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Opposite the village of Saint Christophe en Oisans

Hiking – Hut de l’Alpe du Pin
Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans - La Bérarde


Description: Hiking - Hut de l'Alpe du Pin

The wardens provide some lovely snacks and meals!

Starting point: Saint Christophe en Oisans
Height gain: 535 m
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 1.9 km
Level: Easy

- Starting from the hamlet of Les Granges just below St Christophe en Oisans, walk down to the Vénéon river. Then take the path that winds its way up from the bottom of the Cascade de la Pisse waterfall to the Alpe du Pin and then on to the mountain hut (1 1/2 hours from Les Granges).
- The circular hike then continues by carrying on after the hut along the flatter section known as the "Travers des Lacs" (45 mins) and then descending via the Clôt d'Outre and back to Les Granges along the left bank of the Vénéon (1 hour)
- You can also return via La Gassaudière, followed by Le Clot, La Bernardière and then Les Granges.

The wardens can give you more details on these walks starting from the mountain hut.

Opening periods

From 15/05 to 30/10.