A lovely unspoiled walk featuring mountain lakes and ibex-spotting.
Randonnée au Col de la vache

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Randonnée au Col de la vache


Description: Randonnée au Col de la vache

Starting point: Rivier d'Allemont
Height gain: 1253 m
Distance: 6.6 km
Level: Difficult

Starting from le Rivier d'Allemont, take the Pas de la Coche path, turning off when you see the sign at the Ruisseau des Combes stream. The path follows the bank upstream, before climbing rapidly under the Pic du Pin and joining back up with the path from the Pas de la Coche and crossing eastward under the Pic de la Belle Etoile. The path then climbs up steeply towards a peat bog (2322 m), before crossing a long rocky section, where hikers follow cairns. Another path leads up to the Col (2556 m).

Make sure you have suitable footwear and gaiters as patches of snow persist into summer.