“Pré de la Pierre” trail

Description: "Pré de la Pierre" trail

Starting point: Oz en Oisans
Duration There/Back: 1h30
Level: Easy

Follow the road leading on top of Oz, and then take the footpath on the left to “Le Faubourg/le Bessey”. This is a very old path with stone walls on each side that starts in the forest, and then joins a larger path. Turn left and continue going down. Keep on the same path over the stream, and then you will join another path coming from “Le Bessey”. Turn right up to the road. The path is on the other side of the road to the “plan du Cerf”. At the crossing keep on going up, and turn right to Oz station. Turn right again at the shed, and go over the stream. You have now arrived at Kamikaze Parc. Go past the tennis courts and back to Oz station.


Starting point at the very entrance of the resort

“Pré de la Pierre” trail

Oppening periods

From 15/05 to 31/10/2018.
Route maintained at this time according to snow. Not accessible in winter period.