Le Col d'Ornon features 3 orienteering courses (approved by the French Orienteering Federation) that everyone can enjoy - ranging from 100 to 400m height gain and from 2 to 5 hours - for families or sports enthusiasts. Let's all go and explore the wonderful Ornon environment!
Parcours d’orientation d’Ornon
Parcours d’orientation d’Ornon (1)

Description: Parcours d'orientation d'Ornon

In winter or summer, there are a variety of ways of exploring these 3 orienteering courses, whether on foot, horseback, mountain bike, cross-country skis or snow shoes.

The beginners course (the easiest) is designed for families and people trying orienteering for the first time.The route is a walk with control points, featuring display boards providing information on the rich environment of Le Col d'Ornon, including animal life, plant life, geology (the famous Chantelouve fault), natural risks, agriculture, animal herding and local architecture. In addition, there are some riddles to get you thinking, adding some fun to the walk.
The course for children, a route associated with a fun questionnaire to fill with the panels at the terminals. The course for adults, a "sporty" course.

The pre-set courses range from easy to challenging, with 45 control points in the Nordic skiing area. The orienteering map, created to French Orienteering Federation standards, is available from Le Chantelouve gite, Le Chamois gite and the cross country skiing hut. The network of control points also enables groups, clubs and competition organisers to create their own circuits.


Parcours d’orientation d’Ornon
Col d'Ornon

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Throughout the year : open daily.