Lanchâtra waterfall – Walk

Starting from the Plan du Lac, it’s only a short way to full immersion in the "Vénéon" atmosphere! A footbridge over the fast-flowing river, shady path, picture postcard waterfall and refreshing spray are all included.

About : Lanchâtra waterfall – Walk

A short walk that can last a long time... Without going far from the car, it offers a real change of scenery 100% Vénéon.

Start : Le plan du Lac, St-Christophe-en-Oisans
Difference in altitude: 0 m
Round trip duration : 10 min
Distance : 500 m
Level : very easy

Just after the gîte Le Plan du Lac, on the roadside on the right (going up), you will see the footbridge that will allow you to cross the Vénéon, park there. It's very close then. As you take the footbridge, take the time to watch the glacier-blue waters of the mountain stream flow by...
The small path then winds up to the waterfall and its spray.
Go to one side, then the other. Do you want to refresh yourself? No need to dive, the "misting" effect is there for that!
You can approach the water's edge and even sit down for a picnic, why not? It takes 10 minutes to get there and back, but you'll stay there much longer, you'll see...
It's also a good opportunity to stop and make sandcastles in the mountains. And, if you are lucky, you will see the colourful boats sailing on the Vénéon.

- The waterfall!
- The banks of the Vénéon
- Rafting and canoeing on the bubbling Vénéon

En bref

0 h 10

0.5 km

Level green –very easy

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Lanchâtra waterfall – Walk

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