High route : the tour of the Rouies

Les Rouies, the epicentre – almost – of the Ecrins is a magnificent 3589 m belvedere. Three days are all that is needed to go all the way round. Three days on your skis in the mountains between Oisans and Valgaudemar, to take the pulse of the Ecrins, of the sky and the rocks, the glaciers and the majesty that surrounds us. You can do the route clockwise or anticlockwise, depending
on your mood.

About : High route : the tour of the Rouies

> From Champhorent - 3 Days - + 4550 m heigh difference
- Day 1 : + 400 m
Start from Champhorent (1407 m), up to the Refuge de la Lavey (1797 m).
- Day 2 : + 1990 m
Up to the top of Les Rouies (3589 m) via the Col de la Lavey (3309 m). Down to the Refuge du Gioberney (1642 m).
- Day 3 : + 1450 m
Up to the Col du Chardon (3083 m), down the Glacier du Petit Chardon to La Berarde (1734 m).

> From La Berarde - 3 Days - + 5110 m heigh difference
- Day 1 : + 1734 m
Start from La Berarde (1734 m), Up to the Col du Chardon (3083 m), down through the Combe du Says followed by the Crêtes de l’Orient to the Refuge du
Pigeonnier (2423 m).
- Day 2 : + 1720 m
Up to the top of Les Rouies (3589 m). Down via the Col de la Lavey (3309 m) to the Refuge de la Lavey (1797 m).
- Day 3 : + 1670 m
Up to the Tête des Fetoules (3459 m). Down to Champhorent (1407 m).

Let's discover three High Routes in Oisans… On your skis, get set, go!
- Le tour de la Meije
- La Haute Route des Ecrins
- Le tour des Rouies
High Routes and ski raids are for experienced ski-tourers that also have good skiing and mountaineering skills. They involve several days of ski touring with nights spent in mountain huts.
But you have to start somewhere and you can always throw yourself into the adventure with just a little experience and skill by using mountain guides.
Ski raids can be organised between the end of March and May according to the weather forecast, the amount of snow and hut opening periods. You can of course ski outside of the hut opening periods by using the refuges d’hiver or winter shelters although this means you have to carry your own food.
To organise your High Route, you can find the contact details of the mountain huts on oisans.com.

Ski mountaineering and touring involves risks and all skiers are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you follow ANENA guidelines: anena.org

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Subject to favorable weather

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Drive to St-Christophe-en-Oisans. Champhorent: carry on for another 3 km to the hamlet of Champhorent (park just below the road).