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The Col du Lautaret is well-known as a paradise for snow-kiters, but this also applies to free-rando skiing! Easy access by road, slopes for all tastes and calf muscles, idyllic scenery and snow late in the season… What more could you want?

About : Freerando starting from Lautaret Pass

This departure point is on Le Chazelet ski area :
The Col du Lautaret is a perfect starting point for skiing due to its altitude and easy access by road. Add to that a bar, restaurant, wonderful honey producer and a magnificent view and atmosphere, and you find yourself in a free-rando paradise Oisans-style.

ROUTES from col du Lautaret :

- Col des Clochettes
From the Col du Lautaret, climb up to the Col des Clochettes (2549 m) for a lovely west-east traverse. You end up on the road to Briançon and then it’s up to you to decide how to get back where you started – you can either put your
skins on or stick your thumb out to a passing car!

- Col de Laurichard > Villard d'Arène
This starts with a 600 m climb up to the Col de Laurichard (2654 m), before a lovely ski down to the top of the old ski lift and then on to the exit of the old EDF tunnel. Put your skins back on for a 100 m climb when you come out of the woods, before skiing by sight down to Villard d'Arène (extra car required).

- Col de Côte Plaine > Villard d'Arène
Climb up to the Col de Côte Plaine (2639 m) via the Vallon Roche Noire, then ski down the south face to the Lac du Pontet. Depending on the amount of snow, you can finish at Les Cours (1779 m) or Villar d’Arène (1650 m).

Ski mountaineering and touring involves risks and all skiers are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you follow ANENA guidelines:

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