Freerando from les 2 Alpes – Signal or Les Travers chairlift



The top of the Signal ski lift (3171 m) gives you a stunning view of Mont Blanc and the Aiguilles d’Arves. Around Pied Moutet, the Travers descent is a classic
off-piste experience. This valley is a real freezer, always offering well-sheltered powder snow! It’s also where many wild animals live.

About : Freerando from les 2 Alpes – Signal or Les Travers chairlift

This departure point is on Les 2 Alpes ski area :
Thanks to easy access up to 3600 m, Les 2 Alps offers magnificent off-piste routes up to 2400 m long in a majestic mountain environment. The skiing area is located on the west-facing slopes of the Meije, between the Romanche to the north and the Vénéon to the south. We have only included a few free-rando routes as the terrain, relief and layout of Les 2 Alps are more conducive to full-scale off-piste than free-rando skiing, but you can always use your skins to get in some practice.

ROUTES from Signal chairlift and Super Venosc chairlift :

- La combe interdite / La Sure
From the top of the Signal ski lift (3171 m), take the Roche Pourrie (2891 m) valley to the left, ending in one of the corridors of varying difficulty named Suite et fin, Interdit or Jefferson. Then fit your skins and climb 150 m north up to the La Sure ridge. From here you can ski down to Les 2 Alpes or carry on upwards to the top of La Sure (2451 m) and ski down to the village of Cuculet.

- Les Travers
From the top of the Super Venosc chairlift (2106 m), go over the Col and continue northwards. Ski down the Combe des Travers to La Rollandière and then fit your skins to climb up the steep La Molière footpath. From the Molière hamlets, you can go up to Les 2 Alpes on the Nordic ski tracks or carry on down.

Ski mountaineering and touring involves risks and all skiers are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you follow ANENA guidelines:

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