Venosc is a very old mountainside village, with a number of hamlets scattered near the stream and the forest.
Exploring Venosc (Circuit n°10)
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Description: Exploring Venosc (Circuit n°10)

This almost 47 km circuit start in Bourg d'Oisans.

Strolling down its steep, paved streets, you can explore the ↘arts and crafts shops (wood sculptures, weaving, designer jewellery, regional products, honey, etc.).

You can also stop off at the town hall (Mairie) and visit the permanent exhibition entitled Les Gens de Venosc, to learn more about the history of this village.

At the ↘donkey farm, you can meet up with a gifted four-legged friend who is always ready to trek along with incomparable deftness and, above all, in an unfailing good mood! The driver, the Donkey Professor, has realised this and will be able to give you a leg up so that you can discover this amazing animal full of (pleasant) surprises. The kids love them!

5 minutes from the farm lies ↘the Aventure Parc de Venosc, with its monkey bridges, suspended footbridges, tarzan jumps and other fun challenges. Located in the heart of the Vénéon valley, among beech and spruce trees, you can enjoy a treetop adventure in complete safety. Even the little ones have their own playing area.

If you want to get even higher, the ↘cable car will whisk you from Venosc to Les 2 Alpes in just 10 minutes! Walkers can come back via the magnificent footpath that winds its way down the Venosc mountainside.

Then explore the 2 discovery trails designed for families: the Sentier du patrimoine Bâti (a 40 min loop) to learn more about the history of the village through its buildings and the Sentier du patrimoine naturel (a 1 ½ hour loop) focussing on geology and plant life.


Exploring Venosc (Circuit n°10)
Les Deux Alpes

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