Crossing from Lautaret to Alpe de Villar

A trail that will delight fans of wide open spaces, pastoral farming and thrills on the schist paths of Les Crevasses.

Descriptif Crossing from Lautaret to Alpe de Villar

From the car park below the Col du Lautaret, head upwards and you will soon arrive at a crossroads. Take the right-hand fork and leave the Laurichard path. Cross a footbridge and make your way up the hillside. The path crosses several streams and areas of bushes leading to a more open space where it arrives at the Belvedere de L'Homme. Soon after, go through (and then close) a barrier before going down the sometimes uneven schist slopes of a path called Les Crevasses, with some care to be taken in wet weather on slippery terrain. You arrive at the Villar d'Arène mountain pasture and cross the GR 54 near the weather station. Soon afterwards, leave the GR 54 and make a right before continuing straight ahead as far as the Alpe de Villar-d'Arêne refuge.
Go back the same way as far as the Col du Lautaret.

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Crossing from Lautaret to Alpe de Villar

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Departure : Col du Lautaret.
D1091 (Grenoble - Briançon), Col du Lautaret.
Parking : Laurichard car park (at the foot of Serre Orel)..
Grenoble - Briançon bus line via Col du Lautaret (regional express line: LER 35).