Going up to Oulles, the smallest village in Isère and only linked by road in 1962 is a winter journey in itself. Continuing on skis onto the Taillefer is the natural finale. Close by, La Grenonière is an excellent starting point from which you can tackle major routes, with the Grand Galbert on one side and the Taillefer or the ochères on the other. In the middle sits the plateau, with its white coat giving it a lovely, muted feeling.
Ski touring from Oulles et Ornon
Ski touring from Oulles et Ornon (1)


> Classic day routes :
- Le Grand Galbert, east face (2561 m) + 1150 m
From Oulles: this is a perfect peak for ski-touring as it is never too steep and you can get right up to the top from the pretty village of Oulles. The summit dominates the entire Romanche valley, with a spectacular view over the Belledonne mountains and, of course, the Taillefer. Take care, because as it is east-facing, it gets the sun very early.
- Le Taillefer (2857 m) + 1580 m
From La Grenonière (Ornon): getting to the top of the Taillefer on skis is a must – it’s as if the summit was designed to be reached on skis in the winter. Once on the Taillefer plateau, go up the north combe onto the west ridge of the Taillefer. The summit and its famous statue are just there!

- Le Grand Galbert, voie normale (2561 m) + 1200 m
- Les Rochères (2783 m) + 1500 m

> Getting supplies: Full range of shops in Bourg-d'Oisans.
Restaurants and gîtes in Col d'Ornon.
> Accommodation: Gîtes in Col d'Ornon and Oulles

Two areas for the price of one! Le Taillefer on one side and le Grand Reanaud on the other. The way in is not exactly the same but they are relatively close.
In any case you will enter the secret and friendly Lignarre valley where the imprint of a mountain lifestyle is everywhere. With its little hamlets dotted over the steep sides of the valley, far from the main tourist centres, la Lignarre it is a multitude of hidden recesses to be discovered.
Looking at the Taillefer, the name itself sounds like a whiplash. It comes from the lead mines, that austere “fer” being doggedly torn out of the mountain. Yet the mountain is little-known, filled with mystery, surrounded by lovely summits and featuring many peat bogs and lakes. Driving in from Grenoble, the massif towers nearly 1000 m above the road. From the north side, it is an almost unconquerable citadel with a mysterious aura. Geologically, it is an extension of the Belledonne, yet it has been seperated by the Romanche valley. The 2857 m summit of the Taillefer offers superb views over Grenoble, the Ecrins and the Dévoluy. Little visited in winter, the snow often remains untouched on this mountain.
People in the know will tell you that although no longer a mine, the Taillefer is an endless source of pleasure for ski-tourers! On le Grand Renaud side, you can browse the open, circular valley where the small village of Villard-Reymond is located. Or opt for the small family resort of Col d’Ornon wich offers some great free-rando routes, as well as enabling you to join up with the neighbouring mountain ranges without too much effort.


Depending on the snow conditions.


Free of charge.


Leaving Bourg-d'Oisans (towards Grenoble) follow signs for “Ornon” to the left (D 526). Oulles: take the first road on the right signposted "Oulles" to the village (car park at the entrance to the village). La Grenonière: follow signs for "Ornon Mairie" and carry on up to the end of the road to the car park at La Grenonière.

Ski touring from Oulles et Ornon