With incredible views of the mountains, the Goléon Lake hike is absolutely handsome, wildlife and alpine flowers will be waiting for you!
Hike to Goleon Lake
Hike to Goleon Lake (1)


From May to October, depending on weather and snow conditions.



GPX map and layout

Hike to Goleon Lake
La Grave


Starting point: Les Hieres hamlet
Elevation gain: 650 m
Duration There/Back: 4h
Distance: 5 km
Nivel: Medium

The route to the lake is very clear, since the track is obvious. Park at Les Hières and cross the lovely hamlet of Valfroide, where many houses still
have stone roofs. Then follow the path up along the right-hand bank of the Maurian mountain stream. From the car park, take the path that follows
the right-hand side of the Maurian mountain stream. The path gently climbs through a large field and then becomes gradually steeper over the rock sill. You’ll have then to continue zigzaging. After skirting round some rocky outcrops, you’ll reach the top of the rock sill, which marks the beginning of the valley sheltering the lake and the refuge of Goléon. You then join the refuge (on your left) in a few minutes, among the alpine pasture. If you feel like it, you can follow your walk along the lake on the left side, spectacular panorama guaranteed !