The Romanche Valley is the largest of the 6 Oisans valleys and the only one to provide a plain in a region where even chickens need to wear boots!

Flat ground in Oisans?

A large lake used to fill this deep valley and after its disappearance, locals took advantage of the wide, clear and sunny plain.

Bourg-d’Oisans, our little capital, which used to cling to the Prégentil mountainside on the shores of the old Saint-Laurent lake, was able to spread out around the foot of the Belledonne at the entrance to the Vénéon Valley. As did Allemont, at the entrance to the Eau d’Olle Valley, where royal founderies were built on the flat ground at the foot of the village.

Nowadays, these are where most of the campsites and shops are located. They are the main thoroughfares and therefore where most people live, with the valley villages linking the mountain ranges together.