The Penitents Chapel

The White Penitents' Chapel dates back to the 17th century. It stands out beautifully next to the parish church Our Lady of the Assumption,within the cemetery walls.

Descriptif The Penitents Chapel

The Confraternity of Penitents was founded in 1631 by Jean-Baptiste, inhabitant of La Grave, under the patronage of Our Lady of Gonfalon. The year is written on the beams that support the gallery. The chapel was built in 1646. The year is to be found on the inscription over the entrance: MDCXLVI. The nave is covered by a wooden vault, decorated by a series of nine paintings representing scenes and religious figures, each inserted in a moulding thus forming a medallion. The chapel still possesses a number of ceremonial objects as well as a golden altarpiece with sculptures.


  • Historic site and monument
  • Indoor
  • Bad weather alternative

Classification & labels

  • Religious heritage
  • Chapel
  • 17th C
  • Classified (CMN)



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Chapel of the Penitents, adjoining the church of La Grave, is located 3 km far from Villar d'Arene