"The municipality of Villar d'Arène is built on a land crossed by several streams. The first inhabitants were created catchments and pipelines. seven fountains feed the village".
Over the fountains
Over the fountains (1)
Over the fountains (2)

Description: Over the fountains

The 7 fountains that feed the village are named : "Fontjirle", "Fonton", "Du Four", "De la cime", "De la forge", "De la place" et "Lavoir St Martin".

"Depending on their location, and use, they have got different forms and depths: wash-houses, fountains low to feed the garden or give to the animals, high basins for domestic use."
Heritage signage "over the water" and a plan - created by the Enseignes of Villar d'Arène - to guide you."

Source: Madame Martine Albert of the Vannoir of Villar d 'Arène


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Over the fountains
Villar d'Arène