Show for children of the company "En La".
Spectacle ” La Ferme fait son cirque “

Description: Spectacle " La Ferme fait son cirque "

"MOTHER FISH farm is in a village at the top of the mountain. In winter, it is so cold that all the inhabitants of the village are gone ... All the inhabitants except the mother Peach who prefers to stay on her farm with her adored animals. Only the farmer has become very poor because there is no one left in the village to buy the eggs of Zaza the chicken, the wool of Victor the sheep and the milk of Anna the cow. One day, the DIRECTOR of the circus "Golden Tiger" installs his tent in the village. He meets Mother Peach and Chonchon his pig ... "

Oppening periods

Wednesday 20 February 2019 between 5.30 PM and 6.20 PM.


Free of charge.


Spectacle ” La Ferme fait son cirque “