"Sixties" evening with meal and concert by the group "Les Vinyls". The rock and the twist of the mythical artists of the sixties find, thanks to the Vinyls, the sounds and the energy of their creators!
Soirée Sixties : raps & cocncert

Description: Soirée Sixties : raps & cocncert

On stage, the 5 musicians, some of whom made their debut in the 60s at Golf Drouot, take the American, English and French standards of their idols: The Wild Cats, The Black Socks and others Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley , Gene Vincent

Opening periods

Friday 28 February 2020 between 7.30 pm and 12 am.


Adult: 15 €, Child (12 years): 12 €.


Soirée Sixties : raps & cocncert