Sky shadows – Exhibition

Oisans and its birds of prey
You spot them while you're out hiking in Oisans, watching them glide and seemingly defy gravity. But what are these majestic birds? Come and learn more!

Descriptif Sky shadows – Exhibition

Cathy Ribot's photo exhibition will take you high up into the skies above the Oisans pastureland to take a close look at these birds of prey. Although the golden eagle has always been here, lammergeirs and vultures arrived more recently. Their presence has added life to the charm of the mountains. The photographer has captured the furtive flight of these birds of prey, expressing the often-concealed poetry of these fleeting moments in pictures.


  • Cultural

Classification & labels

  • Animals
  • Photography
  • Exhibition


Languages spoken

  • French


From 21/12/2019 to 01/11/2020, daily.


Free of charge