Proficient alpine mountain bikers will be rearing to go at 3330 metres altitude, from the peaks of the Pic Blanc for some non-timed downhill MTB on a groomed slope. And it’s not just any ski run it the legendary ‘Sarenne’ with its 16km long run! Hurtling down 2000 metres of negative drop, riders use their competitive edge, their sense of balance and their passion for the sport to make it down to the village of Huez.
Sarenne Snow Bike


Topic (s)

  1. Cycle sports
  2. Mountain biking

Oppening periods

Saturday 27 April 2019.


Race, insurance and meals: reserved for people holding a valid package on April 15: 16 euros
Race, insurance, meals and ski pass afternoons: 33 euros.


Sarenne Snow Bike
Alpe d'Huez