Puppet show ” Une galette et trois miettes “

Puppet show "A cake and three crumbs": Masha lives in a small isba. Every morning, she kneads, shapes, bakes and cools a beautiful pancake ...

About : Puppet show ” Une galette et trois miettes “

... At lunchtime, she devours it and feasts on it. Attracted by the sweet smell of pancakes, Youri, the kid next door, would like to taste it too. But Masha doesn't want to share. Never mind, he will make his pancake. Yes but, Mom isn't there to help him, and the recipe, he's not sure he knows. He's going to have to fend for himself ... When it's finally cooked and cooled, here it rolls and runs away.

Minimum age: 2 years

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English - French

From 24 months


Thursday 5 August 2021 between 4.30 pm and 5.15 pm.


Free of charge

Free of charge.