Screening of the movie "Lhamo, the child of the Himalayas"
Projection du Film ” Lhamo, l’enfant de l’Himalaya “

Description: Projection du Film " Lhamo, l'enfant de l'Himalaya "

"My name is Lhamo, I was born up there among the highest mountains in the world and I will tell you my story, the story of my childhood. My mom, Ama, gave birth at home; my father was in the mountains ... "So begins this film in the land of eternal snow, yaks and goats with long hairs. In the destitution of the isolated villages of Ladakh and Zanskar, it is the look of a little girl on this simple and joyful life which guides us from her birth to her adolescence. To become a member of the small community, Lhamo has to help the big ones and climb the mountain pastures. While her brother Tashi will be placed at the monastery clinging to the cliff, she is designated to go to the big school of Leh. Very young, Lhamo sees Aba, her father, go winter on the frozen river and she knows she will have to walk on the ice one day. To draw us into the universe of the children of the Himalayas, Véronique, Anne and Erik Lapied drew on the images of the many trips they made in the Himalayas for ten years.

Oppening periods

Friday 17 April 2020 between 5.30 PM and 6.45 PM.


Free of charge.


Projection du Film ” Lhamo, l’enfant de l’Himalaya “