Documentary on a journey exploration unpublished work, the complete crossing with ski of the chain of the Caucasus by a French-Russian team, from Baku to Sochi winter, 2017. The narrative redraws the hazards of such a journey and what leads the protagonists.
Documentary projection ” Full Caucase “


Exploration is still possible today at the gates of Europe. That's what this forty-five-minute documentary illustrates. It recounts the first complete crossing of the Caucasus ski chain by a Franco-Russian team from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. This great, unprecedented raid from Baku to Sochi was carried out in the winter of 2017. An extraordinary traveling expedition that lasted three months. The mountains of the Caucasus long forgotten, are honored through beautiful images. Beautiful sequences of encounters with Caucasians give this film a deeply human dimension explaining the mosaic of peoples and countries crossed.

FULL CAUCASE testifies to the commitment necessary to such an enterprise. Filmed from the inside by the protagonists, it tells the fragility and complexity of this journey which is the most original. The themes of risk management and group life are set against the backdrop of the trip. An offbeat performance on the highest mountains in Europe, but above all, an existential experience where survival, living and good life mingle constantly in the daily uncertainty imposed by the trace to follow.


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Thursday 13 December 2018 at 8.30 PM.


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