A live band and a storyteller present Klezmer stories. The stories blend in with the music thus showing us the main features of the Yiddish culture: humour and joy of living.
Trio Safed with a storyteller

Description: Trio Safed with a storyteller

Discovering the Jewish culture of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The trio is called Safed, an Israeli city known for its Klezmer music festival and for its synagogues and blue cemeteries. However, the storyteller also tells us stories of Polish villages.

Oppening periods

Wednesday 10 July 2019 at 8.45 PM.


Free to participate. Free participation. The donations will be for the benefit of the restoration of the St Martin Church.

Payment Methods

  1. Cheque
  2. Cash


Trio Safed with a storyteller
Villar d'Arène