Beyond the legend, the company Woaïni traces the progress of a man who, driven by misery and injustice, rebelled against the established order and will challenge the farmers general who collected the tax for King Louis XV ...
Chuck, the dawn of a revolt (Musical Show)


With a repertoire skilfully marrying the French song (Aznavour, Lynda Lemay, Les Brigitte ...) and pop-rock music (Muse, Asaf Avidan, Julien Doré ...), the company succeeds in the difficult exercise of a musical modern, dynamic and captivating.

Oppening periods

Saturday 23 February 2019 between 8.30 PM and 11 PM.


Adult: 12 €, Child: 8 €.


Chuck, the dawn of a revolt (Musical Show)
Alpe d'Huez