Polyfemna presents the choir Coro Valpellice, a men’s choir from the vaudal valleys of Piedmont, led by Ugo Cismondi for a flock of popular songs, Italian mood guaranteed!
choir Coro Valpellice’ concert

Description: choir Coro Valpellice' concert

Coro Valpellice. Founded in 1958, this men’s choir brings together singers mainly from the villages of Val Pellice, in the vaudal valleys of Piedmont. Deeply rooted in the history of this minority Protestant region of Italy, in the customs of mountain life, and in episodes linked to the memories of the Alpine troops in which the singers had mostly been enlisted, his repertoire expanded and changed, in particular, under the impetus of his current director, Ugo Cismondi, in 1983. They sing in Italian, French and patois.

Oppening periods

Saturday 18 May 2019 at 8.30 PM.


Free access.


choir Coro Valpellice’ concert
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