Blessing the herds

An open air Mass in Cluy hamlet, followed by a blessing of the sheep herds and a small drink. After a short walk along the country road, the priest blesses the herds. A friendly atmosphere in a fantastic setting.

About : Blessing the herds

As early as the fourteenth century, dwellings at the foot of the Col de Cluy are reported.
The chapel of St Ilipse and St Argon was built in the hamlet of Cluy in 1730 and the texts report that since 1755, a mass was said there every year "where cattle are blessed".
The tradition has been perpetuated until today, that's why every year on the 3rd Saturday of July the Blessing of the herds takes place in the hamlet of Cluy.

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Saturday 24 July between 10 am and 1 pm. Date to be confirmed.

Cancelled in case of bad weather.

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Free of charge.

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