Association 82-4000 Solidaires – Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée Solidaires

On Saturday August 29, 2020 in La Grave (Hautes-Alpes) will take place the 5th Meeting of the Solidarity Shared Mountain. This event open to all is organized by the association 82-4000 Solidaires and the ATD Quart-Monde movement.

About : Association 82-4000 Solidaires – Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée Solidaires

The high mountains are a natural space common to all of humanity: it is for everyone! We want to make it accessible in particular to those who do not have a bank account, to those who are not athletes.

When shared with others, with the poorest, the experience in the mountains brings hope for the planet and society. The beauty of the mountains inspires us to take care of the environment. The rope that binds mountaineers gives hope for a united, just and united humanity.

The Meeting of the Shared Solidarity Mountain will be an opportunity to live and carry this hope together. Three axes will guide the day:
1. The discovery of the Girose Glacier: sharing a roped time on the Girose Glacier, with people of various social origins.
2. Festival: "Advocacy for a solidary mountain": compose a plea during artistic workshops and participatory round tables, based on reflections led by people living in economic precariousness who discovered the mountain with 82-4000 Solidaires.
3. A fair for solidarity initiatives: bringing together actors of mountain solidarity and various social initiatives.

This meeting will be the day for all the trainees who have shared the mountain with 82-4000 Solidaires. Come join them as well as the high mountain guides, renowned intellectuals and mountaineers present at the Event.

* Personal mountain equipment to bring: crampon shoes, sunglasses, gloves, warm clothing + If possible: crampons, harness, helmet.

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Saturday 11 September 2021 between 8 am and 6 pm.
Meet at 8 a.m. in front of the Glaciers de la Meije cable car.


Prices not available.