Artist in residence at the Refuge du Promontoire

Léo Baudy is an audiovisual artist who will be spending time high up in the hut immersing himself in the essences of the Vénéon mountains.
Organized by the association "L'envers des pentes", the Vénéon mountain huts will be welcoming various artists in residence.

Descriptif Artist in residence at the Refuge du Promontoire

Note of intent for the residency:
"To start, it's a good idea to address the unique context of this residency, to take place in a mountain hut I've never been to, namely Le Promontoire, located in the Ecrins massif on the south face of La Meije.
Besides I have no experience of mountain huts.
I therefore see this unknown territory as a place of observation.
Everything will be a new experience, being part of this ecosystem. how do we react when looking at a face or a landscape?
I will take a camera, a directional microphone, two lithium-ion batteries and a 32 gigabyte memory card. For 7 days and 7 nights, at 3092m, without charging or looking at the rushes. In light of 180-minute capacity of battery power and a maximum of 120 minutes of storage, I estimate that my equipment will allow me to record 15 minutes of images per 24 hours.
I will be self-disciplined. Maybe it will be a matter of setting my own pace.
When I'm filming, I think it's really about desire. Where my desire is and how I feel it. How I feel. An eye in the viewfinder of the camera, if something happens, observe, don't press,but imagine. Your other eye can then open and float in the real world. What will be left?
A story will follow, fragments of stories, a scenario made of event, and based on this dwelling on the eroding mountainside, this ship docked in another place."

Artistic approach:
"Léo Baudy is an artist, working on spaces, landscapes, situations, postures and characters through the viewfinder of a camera that he holds in his right hand. The object does not only operate with its status as a technical element, it documents the position of the one who is not present in the image but behind it. The challenge of this operation is to adopt a quasi-performative position in different realities and contexts; to try to take them, edit them them, remove material or add to them - as a sculptor would choose, assembling elements to make them seen again. These images also appear in what he does to find them - moving, running, speaking, where serendipity brings an accident of "potential cinema" that will not be filmed, but whose appearance in reality is indisputable. The fantasy lens will therefore act on a reality - camera in hand."

Biography of the artist :
"Leo Baudy, born in 1992.
Léo Baudy, graduated from an art school in Annecy.
Léo Baudy lives in Clermont-Ferrand."


  • Cultural
  • Landscapes => Landscapes

Classification & labels

  • Various arts


Languages spoken

  • French


From 23/08 to 30/08/2020, daily.

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