Artist in residence at the Refuge des Temple Ecrins

Nelly Monnier is a pictorial artist who will be spending her time high up in the hut immersing herself in the essences of the Vénéon mountains.
Organized by the association "L'envers des pentes", the Vénéon mountain huts will be welcoming various artists in residence.

Descriptif Artist in residence at the Refuge des Temple Ecrins

Note of intention for the residency:
"At the Temple-Ecrins hut, I would like to return to painting on a motif - in this case, the landscape and the plant life - on which I will be adding graphic elements borrowed from high-mountain sport. Climbing, running and hiking generate technical visuals that enable sportsmen and women to identify easy or difficult routes. Numbers and lines of different colours criss-cross the map and the landscape, allowing it to be interpreted or surveyed. On the spot, and perhaps with the help of the people passing through the refuge, I would like to combine these landscapes and diagrams in gouache to visually explain how an objective and useful drawing is supposed to sum up a sensitive experience.
As in Technique and Sentimentality, a series produced in 2015 for the magazine Multitudes, short fictitious texts could detail the relationships we have with places we experience through a tool (map, GPS, internet, messaging, webcam, scientific notes, etc.).
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to make sketches and paintings of high-altitude plant life I cannot normally access."

Artistic approach:
"Playing on the ambivalence of abstract and figurative forms, my pictorial work begins with a travel shot before being composed in the studio.
I use three main categories of subjects to reconstruct a rural and sentimental universe in painting, namely amateur decorative objects, abstract geometric motifs and natural settings. Composed around a feeling, colour or dominant material, my exhibitions evoke the variety of the French countryside and the singularity of its inhabitants.

Biography of the artist:
"Nelly Monnier was born in 1988 and she now lives and works in Ain and Essonne. After a rural childhood and film studies in Bourg-en-Bresse, she obtained a DNSEP at ENSBA-Lyon in 2012. She then presented her work, in which painting, drawing and storytelling address the relationship between architecture, decoration and landscape at the Fabre museum in Montpellier following the award of the Félix Sabatier prize, at the IAC (Lyon/Villeurbanne) in 2013, then in Singapore in 2015, at the Salon de la Jeune Création in 2017, and recently at the Metaxu and Cantine de Belfort art centres. She willingly collaborates with other artists, notably Gaëlle Delort for her photographic inventory entitled Secteur Lambda, then with Eric Tabuchi for the Atlas des Régions Naturelles."


  • Cultural
  • Landscapes => Landscapes

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  • Various arts


Languages spoken

  • French


From 22/08 to 29/08/2020, daily.

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