Wellbeing – Reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang and Massages

"Take care of your body, it's the only permanent place you're going to live" Jim ROHN.

About : Wellbeing – Reflexology, Chi Nei Tsang and Massages

Therapist graduated in Podo-Fascias Reflexology, Fasciaslogy (Therapy on the Fascial System) and Therapeutic Massages.
Julie welcomes you to the "Les Marmottes" Health Center in Deux Alpes, for rebalancing and re-harmonizing body and mind treatments.

You want to regain general well-being and strengthen your immune system, come and discover or re-discover these powerful detoxifying, draining and rebalancing therapeutic methods.
The patient regains a physical and mental balance but also health, well-being and serenity.
Healing comes from within ...

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Age minimum : 11 mois

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English - French

From 11 months

Accessible in autonomy



  • Massage
  • Well-being


From 01/01 to 31/12, daily between 9 am and 8 pm.
By appointment.

From 29/05 to 29/08, daily.


Reflexology Podo-Fascias (Organic Rebalancing) - 1h15 - 60€.
Belly Massage CHI NEI TSANG (Working the energy of the Internal Organs) - 1H15 - 70€.
UNIVERSAL Massage 5 in 1 (Detox Wellness Massage) - 1h15 - 75€.
LEMNISCATE massage and POLARITIES (Science of Energetic Touch) - 1h15 - 75 €.
CELLRELEASE (Massage) - 1h30 - 80€.

Means of payment

  • Cheque
  • Cash