The Heroz Escape Game



The Heroz, magic is real at Oz !
Come and try our outdoor escape game !
A magical time !

About : The Heroz Escape Game

Oz 3300 offers you an escape game you can do where and when you want, you jusy have to be on site.
Be teleported into many riddles to solve.
Find the hidden markers into the resort and follow the guide.
Download directly the application Graaly on your smartphone et choose "les HEROZ"

We are in 20 BC and all of Gaul is occupied by the Romans... Apart from a resort inhabited by irreductible Gallic who still resist the invaders !
Help Parsonnoz and his friends to bring peace to their village !

You will have to succeed several very important missions, all very fun, stimulating and developing teamspirit.

This game is available in French only.

We propose you 3 games:

Game 1 : Parsonoz's Vision, free
The game if located in the center of the resort.

Game 2: Farcoz's Potion, free
The game is located in the surroundings of the resort and there is a bonus marker to find in the village of Oz.

Game 3: Potatoz's Battle, free
The game begins in the resort and will lead you on the plateau of l'Alpette at 2000 m of altitude. A bonus marker to find at the arrival of the Dome des Rousses gondola.
To have access to this game, you will need to have a pass to take the gondolas.

Departure of the games : Tourist Information Office

How do these games work:

To have access to the games, you will need a smartphone with an Internet connexion to download the application "Graaly".

As soon as you find a marker, scan the QR Code on the left or download directly the application GRAALY on your phone.
The clues, in forms of markers, are dispersed in the resort. And now, play on !

If you do not find an answer, you can still make progress thanks to the arrow at the bottom to the right and go to the next step !

Minimum age: 6 years

En bref


From 6 years old



All year round, daily.


Free of charge.

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