The Air School offers beginner snowboard lessons to the expert through "Freestyle and Freeride". But also steps Snowkite, an activity that allows you to slide on the snow with the help of a kite.
Ecole Air to Kite

Description: Ecole Air to Kite

Exemption of Snowboard and Snowboard courses and courses:
- Teaching and progression of the activity of all types of levels according to the abilities of the learners.
- Possibility to adapt the services according to the request (skiable field accompaniment, children's course)
- Specific courses on request (off piste, freestyle)

Hire snowkite equipment from a certain level of practice: traction wing and harness.

Snowboard: group of 6 people maximum and private commitment of 5 people maximum
- 1h: Evaluations and observations of techniques
- 3h: Name of the usual terms, warm up, balance, first glide and assisted turns, discovery of the possibilities of use of the board.
- 1/2 day: Establishment of technical educational, evolution on different terrains according to the level
- Private day from 3 to 5 days: Consolidation of achievements, progression of techniques on various terrains, discovery of the possibilities of use of the board.

- 1/2 day discovery: theoretical topo, spot and environment of the activity, set-up of the wing, check of the safety, piloting and discovery of the traction zone, first glide.
- Intermediate stage of 3 days: Reinforcement of the assets, set up of the folding and unfolding of the wing, discovery of the snowkite zone, use of the relief
- Intermediate stage 5 days: Multiplication of experiments in aerological conditions and different snow, in-depth exploration of the practical area, discovery of the possibilities of the activity
- Accompaniment 3 hours: For independent students, assistance, radio, advice

Opening periods

From 15/12 to 20/04, daily between 9 AM and 7 PM.


Group / pers (6 people max):
- 3h: 40 €
- 3 days 110 €
- 5 days 145 €
Commitment (5 people max):
- Private 1h: 50 €
- Private 1/2 day: 170 €

Snowkite: (2 people max)
- 1/2 day discovery: 120 €
- Intermediate course 3 days: 280 €
- Independent internship 5 days: 440 €
- Accompaniment 3h: 160 €.


Ecole Air to Kite