Ashtanga Yoga, initial round Chikitsa. Yoga consists of several branches, of which Ashtanga Yoga is the most dynamic. Its practice constitutes a cardiovascular work and has toning and structuring effects.
Ashtanga Yoga

Description:Ashtanga Yoga

Thanks to the sequence -Vinyasa- of the postures -Asanas- and in synchrony with your breathing -Ujjayi-, you will be gently led to discover and deepen the practice of this beautiful discipline, developing in concert flexibility, body awareness, self-confidence and emotional stability.

All levels, beginner to advanced.
Private lessons, semi-private (at home, outside or in a conditioned room and by appointment).
Group course Les 2 Alpes.

Opening periods

All year round, daily.


Adult: 20 €
Season pass for adult: 70 € (Monthly subscription
1 class per week)
Group adults: 130 € (Monthly subscription
2 classes per week).

Payment Methods

  1. Cheque
  2. Cash


Ashtanga Yoga
Les Deux Alpes